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Your Credit Card Eligibility Check


Our Eligibility Check will give you an indication of whether you are likely to be accepted for one of our credit cards, without affecting your credit rating in any way.

So that we may consider you for an HSBC credit card you need to:

  • Be a UK resident
  • Be over 18

Change in Circumstances

If you foresee any changes in circumstances that may affect your ability to repay the credit card you are applying for, for example a change in your income or outgoings, a change to your employment situation or you are a temporary or zero hours contract worker, please contact us at branch or by telephone.

Introductory rates only apply if you haven't held an HSBC credit card within the last six months. Balances can't be transferred from cards issued by other members of the HSBC Group including first direct and M&S Bank.

It is important that you read and understand the following before you get your result:

When you request a Credit Card Eligibility Check, we will process your personal information in order to provide you with an indication of whether or not you will be accepted for a credit card. We have partnered with Experian to provide you with a Credit Card Eligibility Check. The Credit Card Eligibility Check works by conducting a quotation search on your credit file. This means that it will not affect your credit rating.

Any quote obtained using the Credit Card Eligibility Check tool is for indicative purposes only and does not constitute an offer to provide credit. If you decide to go ahead with a full Credit Card application after you receive your quote, we will carry out a full credit reference agency check and affordability assessment. We reserve the right to decline any application for credit facilities or to offer to lend on different terms.

Your personal details will be kept confidential and used in accordance with our Privacy Notice opens in a new window. We will use your personal data to monitor and enhance the performance of the Credit Card Eligibility Check tool. You can also view Experian's privacy notice by going to opens in a new window

If you are an existing customer and your name and/or address details have changed in the last 35 days or you have not informed us of a change of name or address, then please do not proceed with a credit card eligibility check as it may give you an inaccurate result. Existing HSBC customers can change their address by logging into Internet Banking.

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